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National Black Dog Day

National Black Dog Day
  • Sophia Sanchez

Happy October!  To kick off this fabulous month, we're celebrating our black canine pals.... ALL.  DAY.  LONG.

Today is National Black Dog Day!  Yep... you read that right!  There is an entire day dedicated to celebrating black dogs!  The day exists to encourage people to adopt black dogs who are often left behind in shelters just because of the color of their fur.

"Black Dog Syndrome" is a phenomenon that occurs where black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals.  Black dogs are more likely to be euthanized in shelters regardless of their breed.

But why does this phenomenon exist?

It's hard to say.  But there are a number of reasons believed to be attributed to why black dogs are adopted less often.

They don't photograph as well.  It sounds silly when reading or saying this one aloud but as a mom to a black pittie, I can attest to how difficult it can be to photograph black dogs.  Their facial features easily get lost in photos, especially if taken in poor light.  Since most rescues and shelters are volunteer-based, they don't have the luxury of hiring professional photographers to take beautiful photos for website profiles.

Dimly lit kennels.  Same general idea here.  Shelters can be very stressful environments for most dogs.  They tend to hide and cower in the dark corners of their kennels.  Throw a black dog in the mix and it can become very difficult to see their facial features.  Potential adopters are less likely to stop and get to know a pup if they're hiding and can't be seen.

Negative portrayal of black pets in books, movies, and other popular media.  Black animals, for some reason, tend to resonate with being intimidating, evil, etc.  While not remotely accurate, pop cultural references tend to make a bigger impact on our impressions that we might believe.

If we're being honest, it's all nonsense.  Whatever the reasons for why black dogs are adopted at lower rates they are no less loving or playful than any other dog out there.  And we're here to tell you exactly why they rock!

Easy to Accessorize.  Black goes with everything, duh!  Every color you put on your dog will pop.  Wear hot pink one day; spots and stripes the next.  Just go for it!  Plus, they'll always be ready to coordinate with whatever outfit you choose for yourself that day!

(Jaxon sporting his Dinosaur World Collar)

They Stay Clean Longer.  Okay, okay...  that's not entirely accurate.  But black fur hides dirt better so one could say you could skip a bath when schedules get tight.  Just don't make a habit of it because pups need their grooming too!

They're Natural Heaters!  Science says so!  The color black has been proven to absorb heat and maintain it, which means black dogs make the perfect snuggling companions on chilly days and nights.  Trust us... your heating bills will thank you!

They're Loyal!  Yep.. It's true!  The color of a dog's coat has nothing to do with their personality, which means they'll be just as loving and loyal and any other breed!

Always Ready to Rock Formal Events!  Black dogs have built-in tuxedos!  Just throw on some white cuffs and a bowtie, and you're off to paint the town red!  Just make sure to wear your coordinating face masks!  #SafetyFirst

They Look Great in Snowy Pictures!  The white backdrop will make for the most whimsical photos.  But if you ask us...  black dogs look good in all photos.  You just an't beat those luscious and shiny coats!

(Wyatt the Gentle Giant sporting his Bear PAWjama Hoodie)

They're Smart!  You'll be hard pressed to find a dog smarter than a black dog.  Just kidding.  That's a total exaggeration on our part, but black dogs aren't any less smart than other dogs.  They're just as eager to learn and to please their humans!

You'll Be A Trendsetter!  Remember, black dogs are adopted at much lower rates.  You'll be the coolest kid on the block walking your dark-furred companion beside you!

Always in Style!  Black is classic.  You and your dog will never go out of style!

They're available NOW and waiting for you to come rescue them!  There are so many loving and wonderful black dogs currently sitting in shelters and awaiting their forever homes.  Because they've gotten the short end of the adoption stick, there is no waiting list or difficulty in tracking down a black dog.  You could bring one home today!

(Our foster Evie, sporting her Cow Halloween Costume)

Black dogs are amazing and we can attest!  So many black pups are a part of our Furr-bulous community and even our own Evie - our current foster - is a black pup, with the sweetest soul, who's ready to find her forever home.  If you're seriously considering adopting a dog and want one now, why not a loyal, lovable, black one?

Visit your local rescues and shelters to find your dream companion today!


If you live in the D.C. area and would like to learn more about our foster Evie, please e-mail us at hello@furr-bulous.com.