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Social Responsibility

FurRescue Fashions was born in the Spring of 2019 out of a love for our own dogs and wanting to create a brand of apparel and accessories that would help strike up a conversation about rescue dogs.  At the time, the dog-apparel industry was growing in popularity but there were still very few options in quality products for larger breeds, specifically bully breeds who hold a very special place in our hearts.  We wanted to create a brand that was inclusive of all dogs, including bully breeds, which are still so often misunderstood and misjudged.  From the very beginning we have been very mission-oriented in wanting to use our platform to help drive the narrative surrounding bully breeds; part of that mission is also our social responsibility to not only help advocate for these misunderstood dogs and rescues in general, but to help promote responsible ownership of all breeds while also finding ways to give back to those communities we are so passionate about.  The very core of our foundation, the piece that holds all of this together, is our relationship with the rescue community and in them knowing that we are a staple of support for them and their own initiatives.  In the almost 3.5 years we’ve now been in business, we’ve donated over $20,000 to rescues all over the United States while donating countless pajamas and accessories to rescues in need as well.  We’ve since unveiled a small handful of programs that allow us and our customers to stay connected, that also help support our mission of giving back.


This program is our most well-known.  Every month we choose a new non-profit, 501(c)3, rescue organization to raise money for.  Our chosen rescue partner is featured on our website all month long to help promote the important work they’re doing and at the end of their represented month, we donate up to 30% of monthly profits to that rescue organization.

What we look for: 

  • 501(c)3 status in good standing with the federal government.
  • Predominantly volunteer and foster-based.
  • Focused on saving dogs from a variety of situations including high-kill shelters, medical emergencies, strays and those who support their communities when families fall on hard times.  We believe that we have a responsibility to help families stay together - because our pets are family - and we love to see that same passion in the rescues we partner with.  
  • Bully breed-specific rescues.  We love all dogs, but as previously mentioned, bullies hold a very special place in our hearts and we try to raise money for bully-specific rescues a few times a year as well.

If you’d like your non-profit to be a FurRescue Partner, please fill out the form HERE.

To learn more about our current rescue partner, please click HERE.


Cielo’s Swap Shop was the brainchild of one of our ambassadors and provides a fun and interactive way for our customers to get involved and to make a personal impact in the lives of the rescue dogs we aim to help.  Four times a year, or once a quarter, we open up our Swap Shop where customers can send in their gently-used FurRescue Fashions attire in exchange for a 30% off discount code, good for a future purchase.  Those gently used items are then donated and distributed to rescues all over the country.

If you’re asking yourself why rescue dogs would ever need pajamas, well, there are a variety of reasons.  Those include everything from helping to market to potential adopters online and through social media avenues, to help in recovery for a variety of medical reasons.  To learn more about Cielo’s Swap Shop and how you can get involved, please click HERE.


Not all dogs are created equal.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, breeds and some even require the use of special equipment to help keep them mobile - wheelchairs, braces, etc.  Some have even had amputations to help save their lives.  Through our Palliative Paws initiative, we aim to supply cozy pajamas to pets with limb differences because all pets are beautiful, and all pets deserve to feel beautiful!

This program allows our customers and supporters with limb differences to apply to have a 1 set of custom pajamas made at no cost to the applicant to help keep their baby stylish, comfortable, warm (or cool if made with our cooling, moisture-wicking fabric) and to protect against any chaffing caused by equipment like wheelchairs or braces.  We’ll even tailor make pajamas with only 3 legs if the applicant is a pet with amputations. 

To apply for this program, fill out the form located HERE.


Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and even animals within the same breed can vary in size.  Because we also offer customization of items for pets who don’t fit our traditional sizing, our excess materials can sometimes look and feel extreme.  FurRescue Fashions aims to minimize material waste as much as possible and those “scraps” are used to produce pajamas, which are then donated to rescues and stray animals in our founder's home country of Colombia.  

FurRescue Fashions has become our bread and butter and giving back to our communities is equally important to every other aspect of our business.  As such, we are always brainstorming and looking for new ways to give back.  If you’d like to submit any new program or initiative ideas, please e-mail them to us at furrescuefashions@gmail.com