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Over $50K have been donated to rescues


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About Us

About Us:

FurRescue Fashions was born out of a desire to help change the negative stereotypes that surround bully breeds, particularly pit bull-type dogs.  Our shop dog, Cielo, is believed to be a survivor of an illegal, backyard breeder situation where she was not only neglected but abused.  A shy, scared and anxious girl, she opened our eyes to the cruelty and discrimination these dogs face every single day.

Everybody loves a pittie in PAWjamas so we created a brand that would allow us to give back to dogs in need, while showing the true and gentle nature of these majestic boys and girls through cute clothing items and accessories.




Our Mission:

Rooted in giving back to our communities, we are committed to helping dogs in need while educating the public on the wonders of adoption and rescue.  With a focus and deep love on helping pit bull-type dogs, we work to advocate for those who need it most.

30% of our monthly profits are donated to a different rescue organization each month.  Read all about our rescue partner this month, HERE.


Our Team:

We are a family of at least six, give or take a couple more as our fosters roll through!  We are dog lovers and possess a deep desire to give back to our community of rescues and animal shelters.

We believe in the miracle of adoption, and see it as the only option when deciding to own a dog.  We promote adoption every chance we get and our goal is to be a voice for the abandoned, like our sweet Cielo was once before.  

We love all dogs, but Pit bull-type dogs hold a very special place in our hearts because we’ve seen first hand how they’re labelled as dangerous and are forbidden in hundreds of cities all across the world.  They are the most common victims of animal cruelty, abuse and discrimination and we want to help change this.




Carolina, or Caro for short, is a carefree Colombian who came to America as a Fulbright Scholar in 2005.  She’s an attorney according to the many diplomas she holds, but believes her true calling is dog lover and rescuer!

When life tested her will through a difficult journey in 2015, she found her way to Cielo.  Together they healed and became inseparable soul mates!  It was through Cielo that she became a passionate advocate for misunderstood breeds and it’s how she met her husband, Justin while they volunteered together at a local shelter.





A New Jersey native, Justin has resided in the Washington D.C. now for over 20 years.  He is a hardworking professional specializing in sales, and possesses a deep passion for outdoor activities and family - which always include his furry friends!  Having had big dogs for most of his life, he has a special place in his heart for all the furry giants.  He confesses he only learned about the miracle of dog-rescue in his adult years, but now believes it is the only choice.  Together with Caro, they open their hearts to dogs in need of temporary homes and work diligently to find them perfect forever homes.



Cielo (aka Cielo Maria):

Cielo is the Spanish word for “sky” or “heaven.”  She was named this because for her mom, she represented a little piece of heaven right here on earth.  Her spots also looked like clouds in a clear sky!

Cielo had a rough life and at roughly the age of 3, was rescued by the Humane Rescue Alliance.  Adopted in 2015, during a trying time for her mommy, they helped each other heal and rescued each other.

Today her life is filled with love, belly rubs… and maybe one too many treats.  A princess, or Diva as called by her humans, she loves to dress up and refuses to step out in the rain without her stylish poncho!  She’s stubborn and opinionated but is the most patient and loving with her foster siblings.  Cheese is her favorite snack and loves to hike with the family!




Dyno is an active 11-year-old, Springer Spaniel who has lived with Justin since he was a puppy.  Once their family evolved to include Caro and Cielo, he became the spoiled baby, the boss... the one who calls the shots!  He loves his mommy, Caro, and is the best snuggle buddy.  He has a huge smile (his lips literally coil up when he's happy) and loves to be pet more than anything in the world.  He actually demands them!  He loves hiking, swimming and could play fetch all day long!  Dyno might be the sweetest dog you'll ever meet and loves complete and uninterrupted attention from humans! Thankfully, his Diva sister Cielo, lets him get away with anything he wants!




Lily was a total #FosterFail! She's the SWEETEST and most humbled dog you'll ever meet.  She loves to be loved and is the most patient girl.  She's terrified of storms and lightning, but loves to go on walks and hikes!  When she first arrived in our home, she was unable to go on long walks because of the neglect she endured and had ACL issues.  Now she's the fastest of the bunch and could play all day!





Evie is the newest member of our pack and is also a #FosterFail. She loves to play dress up, is an aggressive kisser, hugger and is the best love bug ever!  She's happiest when the whole pack is together and is equally happy being outdoors on a hiking adventure or snuggling up on the couch for belly rubs and naps!



Our FurRescue Fashions team could not be complete without our fosters!  Not only do they help model for our little company and passion project, but they teach us so much about second chances and remind us daily to appreciate the little things.  Most of our fosters are pulled from euthanasia lists and it's the most gratifying feeling knowing we did our part to save a life.  People argue that there are just too many to try and save them all, but for that one life you saved... it's everything.  Although we miss them so much when they leave, they are family and will remain so, always, in our hearts.