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FurRescue Partner


Happy June!  Happy Summer!  The hot months have arrived and that means lots of outdoor festivals, BBQ’s, pool parties, holiday celebrations and much more!  It’s a happy time of year for many and when the sun is out and the drinks are flowing it can be easy to forget that it’s not such a great time of year for the countless, homeless animals that live as strays all across the country and world.  Summer can be a dangerous time of year for pets in general, but especially for those without homes to call their own.  The blaring heats are not only a threat from a heat exhaustion and heat stroke standpoint, but they’re also a breeding ground for diseases like parvo, heartworm disease (mosquito bites), lyme disease (tick bites) and plenty more.  It can be easy to forget how those without a voice suffer when life is good, and that is why we’ve decided to partner with Twenty Paws Rescues for the month of June; to assist in their incredible mission to always be a voice for the homeless, abused and surrendered.


Twenty Paws Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, based in Brooklyn, New York and they were founded with one very important mission in mind:


To battle an ongoing epidemic plaguing their streets - the abundance of homeless, abused and surrendered animals from all different backgrounds.


They are a non-breed specific rescue who takes in animals of all different backgrounds and sizes and their goal is simple…  To never stop fighting until every shelter cage is empty.  


They have a variety of programs in place that allow their community to step forward and help be a part of their positive change.

Fosters in Rehabilitation:

This program is specifically for dogs who are ill, injured, have behavioral issues or need any kind of treatment or training.  

Fospice Dogs:

This program is for dogs who are terminally ill and will never be available for adoption.  They will live out their days in a loving foster setting until their time comes to cross the rainbow bridge.

TPR South Korea:

This program is for dogs that are pulled from South Korea and are rescued from puppy mills, dog meat farms, abusive situations and other unimaginable horrors.  Twenty Paws Rescue not only covers their medical expenses, but the often red tape associated with getting them out of the country and into the U.S., along with the high cost of airfare.

TPR China:

This program is for dogs that are pulled from China and face similar fates to our South Korean friends.  They’re pulled from meat slaughterhouses, puppy mills, abusive and deplorable conditions.  The cost of bringing each dog into the U.S. is anywhere from $1000-$3000 depending on their size.

TPR India:

This program is the latest in their international rescue efforts and works closely with KAW to pull abused, neglected and many other remarkable dogs.  As with their other international programs, the cost of bringing these animals into the U.S. is astronomical.


You can be a part of their mission by sponsoring and supporting any and all programs, or by sponsoring an individual animal.  Any money donated can and will be used to support whichever program you choose or for the individual care of the animal you choose to sponsor.  Twenty Paws Rescue is a small, grass roots non-profit who depends on their network of volunteers, adopters, fosters and donors and the work they do would not be possible without community support.  Let’s help them get one step closer to saving every last one by shopping with us all month long.  As always, we will be donating 30% of our June profits to help them continue their incredible work.