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FurRescue Partner

A new month is a new opportunity to put kindness back into the world, especially this time of year.  As such, we are proud to partner with The Cantu Foundation (TCF) where we will be donating 30% of profits to help this amazing organization continue the brilliant work they do.

TCF is the brainchild of Fatima Guevara, who also happens to be Cantu on Wheel’s mommy!

Having a special needs dog of her own and knowing the kind of fulfillment Cantu has brought to her life, Fatima knew she wanted to start her own non-profit someday… to help show the world that dogs - no matter their setbacks or limitations - were deserving of love.  But with her daily life getting in the way, that dream seemed a long way into the future.  Life of course had other plans, and as she found herself scrolling through Facebook one day, she stumbled upon a post begging for help to save a very special girl.  It would be this dog that would ignite the flame that would catapult Fatima into her dream far faster than she could have ever imagined.

Princess was roughly 5 or 6 when she was found wandering the streets of Tijuana.  In bad shape, she likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer without help intervening.  The person who found her immediately took her in and posted her photo to a Facebook group pleading for help.  It was this post that would drive Fatima to do something and using Cantu’s influence and extensive social media presence, she got to work trying to raise the money needed to help save this sweet girl.

She would eventually be diagnosed with Leptospirosis and Ehrlichia.  A fighter however, all seemed to be going well in her recovery and the treatment seemed to be working; Princess was improving.  Following a blood transfusion where she’d be prepping to make the trek to a rescue located in San Diego, Princess’ heart gave out and she passed away.  It was such a short amount of time where complete strangers came together to give Princess a chance at the life she deserved, and her untimely passing affected everyone involved greatly.  Her suffering could have been prevented entirely.  But Fatima knew it wasn’t coincidence that Cantu’s social media influence was a catalyst in helping Princess receive the care she needed and as such, The Cantu Foundation came to be.  

Now officially a 501(c)3 organization, TCF is a volunteer and donation-based, non-profit whose focus is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need from the poorest areas of Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California.  Through a team of advocates and volunteers located across the United States and directly in Tijuana, TCF works to raise the money needed and to facilitate the rescue of the dogs most in need.  To date, the foundation has already helped save dozens of dogs and their long term goal is to build a sanctuary in Tijuana to be able to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in higher volumes.

Please shop with us all month long so we may aid in their continued efforts to save as many as possible.  Thank you and happy holidays!