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BARC.. Our December Rescue Partner

BARC.. Our December Rescue Partner
  • Sophia Sanchez


Nestled in the heart of Hampton Roads, Virginia, the Bully Advocate and Rescue Collective (BARC) is more than just a rescue organization; it's a testament to the power of one woman's passion and the collective dedication of a community. Let's take a closer look at the roots of BARC, where Maria's journey with Lexie, a Pit Bull mix, laid the foundation for a movement that continues to transform the lives of at-risk dogs.

Maria and her husband's story began in 2008 when they adopted Lexie from a local shelter after a 5 1/2-month wait. Grateful for the shelter that held onto Lexie until they found her, Maria felt a calling to give back. Her journey into volunteering started at that very shelter, fueled by a desire to make a difference. As a photographer, Maria's skills became a valuable asset in marketing dogs, showcasing their personalities and stories to potential adopters.

For Maria, volunteering became an addiction, a way to feel needed in the lives of these animals. Yet, the more she gave, the more she felt there was still more to be done. Adopting four more dogs from the same shelter, Maria's passion deepened as she expanded her volunteering to other shelters, learning valuable lessons with each dog she encountered.

Maria's commitment took a new turn when she and a friend played a direct role in finding loving homes for many Pit Bull type dogs. However, that was just the beginning. Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive approach, Maria founded her own Pit Bull rescue group in Hampton Roads. The group aimed not only to rescue but to spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinate, and market Pit Bull type dogs, particularly in the rural Isle of Wight County Shelter and beyond.

This initiative evolved into BARC, a network of foster homes created to provide a lifeline for dogs in Hampton Roads shelters who needed extra support in finding their forever families. A crucial distinction is that BARC doesn't take in owner surrenders; their focus remains on dogs in shelters, those who need their help the most.

The vision of BARC goes beyond rescue; it's about challenging stereotypes and showcasing the wonderful nature of bully breeds. Maria's legacy lives on as BARC, now in new hands, continues to uphold the goals and vision of helping those most in need in local shelters. As an example to the community, BARC demonstrates the incredible potential of bully breeds, illustrating that with care and understanding, these dogs can be wonderful additions to loving families.

In essence, BARC is more than a rescue collective; it's a beacon of hope, echoing Maria's dedication to making a lasting impact on the lives of shelter pets in Hampton Roads, one dog at a time.


animal ID:  BDVA-A-16
8 year old male
animal ID:    BDVA-A-45
5 month old female
animal ID:    BDVA-A-3
9 year old male