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Lovepaws Rescue - Our July Rescue Partner

Lovepaws Rescue - Our July Rescue Partner
  • Sophia Sanchez

It all started with a sweet Jack Russell Terrier named Coco…. 

A few years ago, Sonya, was volunteering at a local shelter.  As she was leaving for the day, she spotted a family in the parking lot who was visibly upset.  She walked over to them to see if they were okay and that is when they revealed they needed to surrender their baby to the shelter.  They had just found out that Coco had several malignant masses and an infection in her stomach that they couldn’t afford to treat.  They were terrified of what would happen to her at the shelter, but they didn’t know what else to do.  Sonya felt compelled to help and managed to secure low-cost medical care for Coco.  She had her mammary chain removed and Sonya eventually took Coco in as a hospice foster where she lived out the rest of her months in happy bliss after discovering her cancer had spread.  Sonya knew she needed to find a way to do more for families like Coco’s and from there, LOVEPAWS was born. 



Established as a 501(c)3 in 2019, LOVEPAWS began as an animal intake prevention program that would assist families in retaining their pets at home, rather than surrendering them to shelters.  They offered programs like a pet food pantry and a rehoming services for those instances where giving up the pet was the only option.  Since then, they have expanded and their mission has grown quickly to pulling dogs and cats from open-admission, high-intake shelters.  They are an exclusively, foster-based, rescue and service the entire DC metro area and their rescue efforts include saving dogs and cats of all breeds.

This month, we are proud to announce LOVEPAWS as our rescue partner for July.  We will be donating 30% of all sales to help them continue their mission.  

This organization is near and dear to the FurRescue Family because this is who saved our sweet Evie girl.  We had set out to foster her until we could find her a loving, forever home.  Turns out the universe had other plans.  Evie was home the moment she stepped into our lives.  A foster win, Evie is now living her best and happy life with us!

Please shop with us all month long and help us, help them continue the wonderful work they do!