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Our October Rescue Partner - Love-A-Bull

Our October Rescue Partner - Love-A-Bull
  • Sophia Sanchez

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts.  Advocating for bully breeds and all dogs that fall under the “pit bull” umbrella is at the very core of our mission, so it seemed only fitting to partner with an organization who shares our passion for dispelling the prejudices that exist against these beautiful dogs.  For the entire month of October, a portion of each sale will benefit Love-A-Bull so that they may continue the wonderful work they do for pit bull-type dogs across the state of Texas.

Love-A-Bull is 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas whose mission is to promote responsible guardianship and to improve the image and lives of pit bull-type dogs through community support, education, advocacy and rescue.

They started in 2003 as an American Pit Bull Terrier Meetup Group and quickly evolved into a team of like-minded and passionate people who wanted to drive positive change in the narrative that surrounds pit bull-type dogs.  And in 2008 they officially became a 501(c)3 organization.

As an organization they not only focus on the rescue and safe-placement of pit bull-type dogs into their forever homes, they also provide a myriad of resources to the community they serve, including:

  • Spay and Neuter Initiatives
  • Housing Resources
  • Financial Assistance
  • Low-Cost Training
  • Active Advocacy Against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)
  • Maintain a Foster-Based Rescue Program - and promote a more positive and accurate public image of all pit bull-type dogs

Love-A-Bull also operates one of the country’s first all pit bull-type dog therapy programs where they specifically CGC (Canine Good Citizen) train dogs in hopes of becoming therapy dogs.  If they pass the test, they join the pit crew and visit nursing homes, schools and other local businesses to not only provide comfort and affection to those who need it most, but provide education alongside portraying a positive public image that dispels the stigmas and prejudices that exist against them.  

This organization is doing amazing things and like so many others across the world, the Coronavirus Pandemic has had a lasting impact on how rescues and shelters operate, Love-A-Bull being no exception.  Typically in times of emergency and need, people band together.  In these trying and uncertain times we’ve been forced to maintain safe distances from one another, and in many cases have experienced total city shut downs.  Shelters and rescues have had to drastically reduce personnel, which has not only affected the direct care of the animals, but has also affected the number of dogs they can accommodate and care for at once.  The pandemic has also forced event and fundraiser cancellations that are absolutely necessary for organizations like Love-A-Bull, who are 100% foster and donation reliant.

It has been a trying time for everyone, but these animals need us more than ever.  Because the pandemic has affected the economy in such a drastic way, people have lost their jobs, homes and even their lives, inevitably forcing them to give up their pets.  Because of this, intake numbers have seen a significant increase all across the country.  Love-A-Bull alone, has seen a 150% intake increase over 2019, taking in 150 dogs versus just 51 last year.  Resources are sparse and yet the need for assistance is greater than ever.

Despite the higher number of intakes, Love-A-Bull has been able to adopt out 135 pit bull-type dogs in 2020 and currently have 12 more awaiting their forever homes.  It is so incredibly important that we all do our part.  Whether it be through donations, volunteering, fostering or adoption we encourage our entire community to do what they can.  And please remember to shop with us all month long so that we may be a part of Love-A-Bull's continued mission in being a voice for pit bull’s everywhere.

Stay up to date with what they're doing by following them on Instagram.  And meet some of their current adoptables below!


Meet Piper.  She adores everyone she meets and is an expert cuddler. She loves her walks, but also enjoys lounging quietly at home all day. In Piper's foster home, she has shown to be crate trained and potty trained! She walks well on leash and gets along best with male dogs! Piper would love to play fetch with you and will even drop it for you to throw again. She'll hang out in the bathroom with you and wait patiently until you are done showering. Piper would do best with a dog savvy owner who is willing to work on her manageable leash reactivity.

Meet Kyra.  Kyra is a pocket pittie who came to us from Louisiana after the most recent 2020 hurricane. She has lived with 15 other dogs and has settled nicely into her current foster home with 2 other pups! She knows sit, is working on down and roll over, and responds well to any verbal feedback, even an "eh-eh". Kyra just melts in your arms and is a major cuddler. She is happy to also relax on her own and has done perfectly well being in her foster home's guest room alone when they had to run an errand. Kyra is potty trained and respects the resident dogs' space. She likes to sleep with her toy monkey as her baby and really loves laying sploot on tile floor to cool off.