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  • Sophia Sanchez

It is no secret that we are currently living through something that most of the living population has never experienced before.  Our lives are currently riddled with sad, depressing and unnerving news. And in this time of serious incertitude, we are doing our very best to continue to bring you smiles and happiness through our weekly blog and daily social media posts.

Have you heard about the #PJhatChallenge?

This brilliant idea comes from our good friend, Sir William, who was inspired after our pal Wyatt the Gentle Giant took this photo of himself in a pair of Furr-bulous Pajamas and a Cowboy Hat!  In an attempt to fill our social media feeds with overwhelming cuteness and something other than dreaded COVID-19 talk, Sir William is now challenging doggos everywhere to follow suit.

Just a few days ago he posted this photo on his Instagram feed and asked everyone to share a photo of themselves in their favorite pajamas, along with their favorite hats while using the tag #PJhatChallenge.

We love the idea so much we decided to join in the fun and turn this challenge into a MINI GIVEAWAY!

Here’s the scoop!

  2. Share a picture of your pup to your Instagram feed in a pair of pajamas & a hat, along with the tag #PJhatChallenge for ONE ENTRY.
  3. If your pup happens to be wearing Furr-bulous jammies in the picture, it will count as TWO ENTRIES.

That’s it!  It’s that easy!

So what’s in it for you besides sharing your adorable doggo with the Instagram World?  Well… a couple of things. Sir William’s mum happens to be a very talented designer and is also the owner behind Designs by Rose.  The winner will get their #PJhatChallenge photo turned into a very cool edit like the one created for both Sir William and Wyatt the Gentle Giant!  In addition, you’ll also earn a $30.00 Gift Card to Furr-bulous!

Help us turn Instagram into one giant pajama and hat party, while we continue to practice social distancing and self-isolation through these scary times.  Keeping a positive outlook and keeping our spirits high is a key component in helping us all get through this together and what better way to do that than through adorable photos of dogs in cute and silly poses?!  

Be sure and get those photos posted no later than March 31st, 2020!  A winner will be chosen no later than April 3rd! And if you’ve already posted a photo to your feeds using the hashtag, you’re already entered!