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It's National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

It's National Pit Bull Awareness Month!
  • Sophia Sanchez

Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Month!  What better time of year to kickoff the launch of the Furr-bulous blog than with the start of an incredibly important movement and the core of what we’re wildly passionate about?  As a company, we launched earlier this year and thankfully the reception from the public and this community has been wonderfully welcoming. If you have followed us through this journey then you already know that what drives us is not only our devotion to rescuing dogs, but working towards changing the stigma that surrounds pit bull-type dogs every day.  So what is this month all about?

National Pit Bull Awareness Month started off as just an awareness day in late October, founded in 2007 by an organization called Bless the Bullys.  The support was staggering and over time, the entire month of October became a movement to advocate in honor of these precious breeds.

It’s no secret that pit bull-type dogs have gotten a bad rap for decades now.  But did you know that pit bulls were once a proud American icon? At the turn of the 20th century pit bulls were used as national mascots during World War I and II, and were deemed “America’s Dog.”  But over time their reputation was tarnished after a small sector of the population decided to exploit their best qualities - loyalty, strength and an eagerness to please - for their own personal gain and greed.  Of course pit bull-type dogs are strong animals and in the wrong hands can become dangerous, but that is true of all dog breeds. The truth is, these beautiful animals are no different than any other breed of dog and they make amazing companions and family pets.

Source:  The Pit Stop

Despite overwhelming support of the ‘Pit Bull Advocacy’ movement, these breeds continue to be vastly misunderstood as a result of a negative bias perpetuated by the media and local governments.  The goal of National Pit Bull Awareness Month is to help combat the negative stereotypes that continue to circulate within society. Education and fostering positive conversations within the communities in which we, and our dogs, reside is key in restoring their image.

So how can you get involved?

Share your stories! Share your experiences with family, friends, on social media, in friendly passings; never stop talking about how wonderful pit bulls are.  Throughout the entire month of October we will be sharing our own stories and highlighting some of our favorite bullies right here on the blog. Thanks for being a part of our positive conversation about bullies, and be sure to check back weekly for more!