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COVID-19 & Our Pets, Take Two

COVID-19 & Our Pets, Take Two
  • Sophia Sanchez

We are living in very surreal times....

2020 has been a strange year so far and we’ve barely hit the midway point.  COVID-19 has changed the course of our entire lives and sadly, not a single person has been immune.  People all over the world have fallen ill, have known someone who’s passed away as a result of the virus, have lost their jobs, taken pay cuts and are likely trying to sort through a variety of emotions that don’t make sense right now.  As a society, we are desperate for a cure, a vaccine; something to help get our lives back to normal.  But as we continue to navigate through the persistent uncertainty, we just don’t have any idea what that new normal will look like.

As pet parents, we love our furr-babies.  They’re a part of our family and it’s not just about ensuring their healthy and safety, but also ensuring our own so that we may remain fit and well throughout the duration of their lives.  As the threat of COVID-19 continues to loom over our heads, the big question remains…. What is the threat of COVID-19 to our pets?

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you likely caught our initial info-session about COVID-19 back in mid-March.  At the time, very little was known about the virus.  And while our public health officials seem to be gaining headway in terms of treatments and vaccines, there is still so much we continue to learn on a daily basis.  And as of today, according to the CDC and USDA, pets are still not considered high risk for contracting and transmitting the disease.  But that’s still not with absolute certainty…. 

Our friends over at FluentWoof put together a great guide called Can Dogs Get Coronavirus that they will continue to update with the latest information from the leading public health experts on how COVID-19 can impact your pets.  They cover everything from how and if COVID-19 can directly affect your pets, to social distancing, to what you should do if you suspect your pets could be showing symptoms.  It’s a great resource and we encourage all of you to head over to read it all the way through.  

Thanks for sticking with us during these crazy times and as always, we wish you health, safety and lots of dog snuggles.