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7 Reasons Why Your Dog Deserves Their Own Wardrobe!

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Deserves Their Own Wardrobe!
  • Sophia Sanchez

"Putting a dog in clothing is animal abuse!"

As a dog clothing company, this one always stings a little bit.  We don't hear it often, but every once in awhile it does come up from people who don't know who or what we're about.  And that's totally fair, so let's change that!

We're FurRescue Fashions!  We make and sell custom clothing for dogs of all sizes, with a special emphasis on pit bull-type dogs and bully breeds!  So let's chat about all the benefits that come with your pup(s) having their very own wardrobes! 

 Our shop dogs and their dad sporting their Sunday best from our upcoming special occasions collection which will be available for custom & made to order. 


IT'S ADORABLE AF!  Who doesn't love a dog in an adorable outfit? It turns heads everywhere you go and your good boys and girls will be the center of attention; as they should be!  Every good doggo deserves a pat on the head and a fashionable wardrobe is a surefire way to get them!  Just make sure and ask permission before patting a stranger pooch on the head.  Some puppers just don't like to be touched and that's okay! 


Jack & Jasper Dean are looking cute AF while enjoying a good'ole doggie pint!


FOR THEIR HEALTH!  Cute jimmy jammies are a great way to protect your mutty mutt from certain health conditions like skin allergies, burns, and even surgery incisions.  Take our sweet friend BB for example.  She was rescued from a house fire at just a few weeks old and has burn scars all over her body.  She’s never without a cute outfit on and it serves a very important purpose…  to protect her delicate skin from harsh elements and possible infections!

BB is looking fresh in her pittie mermaid jammies!


THE HOLIDAYS!  The holidays are a perfect opportunity for photo ops!  Throw on some festive holiday jams and let the camera do it’s work!  Plus…  it’s a great opportunity for you to match your pup and create those special bonding memories with your four-legged besties!

Don't let Kekoa fool you!  He's the sweetest angel in disguise!


TO HELP CURB ANXIETY.  Anxiety is much more common in dogs that many people realize.  And just like people, our furry babes can find immense comfort in being held tightly when those anxiety-inducing moments arise.  While we’d all love to spend every waking moment curled up next to our fluffy lovebugs, it’s just not realistic.  This is when a cute pair of well-fitting jammies can temporarily take the place of our comforting hugs to help keep them feeling safe and calm!

Don't let Jaxon fool you!  He may look like one cool cucumber...  but this handsome fella has a deep fear of loud noises like fireworks and his army shirt helps bring out his confidence! 


FOR THE CHANGING SEASONS!  Not all dogs are created equal and the winters can be brutal depending on where you live and what kind of dog you have!  Dog's like Huskies, Saint Bernards and Akita's have thick, undercoats coats and might not need winter gear for function.   But short-haired dogs like Boxers, Pit Bulls and Dobermans can quite literally freeze if left outside without the proper protective gear.  A good set of PUPjamas will help keep the cold at bay for dogs who need it during those winter walks!  Fleece sweaters, coats and snoods are a great way to keep them nice and toasty.  Inversely, cooling vests and moisture wicking fabrics are also a functional and adorable way to keep your pups cool and dry during the summer months!


It may still be January, but for these Texas cuties the hot summer months aren't far off!  Bugsy and Butters are ready for summer in their pajamas which are made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric! 
"Time to fill up our pool, momma!"


SAFETY!  Gear like dog booties serve a great function - to protect their paws from harsh elements like snow in the winter and hot asphalt in the summer!  PLUS…  no one can resist a dog in some super sweet kicks!  Not to mention that items like reflective gear will help keep you and your four-legged shadows safe during those nighttime potty walks! 


And last but certainly not least… TO HELP BREAK STEREOTYPES!  We started our company with one specific core value in mind - to change minds regarding the stigmas about bully breeds.  People look at our dogs and think “danger, aggression, blood thirsty.”  Our goal has always been to dispel those biases imposed upon us by the media.  As pittie and bully breed parents it can be confusing and frustrating for us to feel like we’re in a constant uphill battle with people who don’t understand the true nature of our dogs…  But as frustrating as that can be, it is also a privilege for us to be able to be a platform for education.  Putting your dog in a cute outfit is an excellent way to not only put people at ease, but to also ignite a conversation.  

Who can resist Logan's sweet pittie face?  Especially when he's dishing out free kisses!!  


The truth is there are a myriad of reasons to dress up your dogs.  It can help show off your dog’s personality, a means for you and your pup to bond with matching outfits, or simply just because.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up your pack just for the sheer pleasure it brings you as long as your dog is comfortable with the experience.  So if you’re planning to dress your doggy up anytime, just consider these three factors:

  • Is my dog comfortable?
  • Is my dog safe?
  • Is my dog happy?

If the answer is yes… then dress away and have fun with it!  

If you’re new around here and need some direction with sizing or where to get started, send us a message on Instagram or via e-mail - furrescuefashions@gmail.com - and we’re happy to help!