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3 Essential Tips on Finding the Right Fit for your PitbullPajamas

3 Essential Tips on Finding the Right Fit for your PitbullPajamas
  • Boodle Web Mart

Be a cool dog parent and ensure your pup always looks their best!  Even just a few years ago, finding cute accessories for your big dogs was almost unheard today.  Today, there are designers making quality pajamas from a variety of materials to give your pups that fresh and fuRRbulous look!  And finding what works for your dog is easier than ever since more and more boutiques - both online and in store - are stocking them.  Here are some tips to consider when buying dog pajamas to help your pets live a fuRRbulous and comfy life!


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, especially within the bully breed family.  Two dogs can look similar in features and yet still have completely different builds.  Therefore, choosing the right size tops our list of most important tips to consider when shopping for designer dog clothes!  

The most important measurement when choosing the right size is the chest girth.  When in a standing position, you’ll want to take a tape measure, loop it underneath their front legs at the armpit and wrap around to the top of their back.  Where the tape measure meets should be the widest part of your pup’s chest and this should be the number one measurement you pay attention to when choosing pajamas.  If the chest doesn’t fit, the rest of the measurements won’t matter. 

Next up is the neck measurement!  Measure at the base of their neck, where their collars naturally rest.

And last but not least is the back length!  Measure starting at the base of the neck, where the shoulder blades start and measure down to the base of the tail.

Knowing your pup's proper measurements will help ensure they get the perfect-fitting pajamas every time!


    When choosing the right dog pajamas for pitbulls, your choice in materials matter.  It’s not just about what looks the cutest, but what is also most functional.  You want your pup to look their best, be comfortable but also weather appropriate.  For example, fabrics like fleece provide your pets warmth during colder months, while a moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable cotton blend is much more appropriate for warmer months.  Choosing the right fabric will allow them to do what dogs do best…  run, jump, play, swim, nap… all year long.


      As previously mentioned, available fashion choices and dog pajamas for pitbulls have come a long way.  There are a variety of designer dog clothes now available at your fingertips with a speciality in large breeds, so don’t stress thinking you’ll never find something that works for your individual dogs.  Consider the season, how active your pups are and what patterns you find most attractive and your dog will be well on their way to being the most fashionable pup in town! 

      Are you ready to take on the world of dog fashion?  Use our simple guide above to help you in your search and we promise you, your pitties will be turning heads everywhere they go.