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The Humane Rescue Alliance

The Humane Rescue Alliance
  • Sophia Sanchez

February is a very special time of year for the Furr-bulous family.  Not only is it Carolina’s - Owner & Founder of Furr-bulous - birthday month, it is also Cielo’s estimated birthday month as well.  In case any readers out there don’t yet know the Furr-bulous story, Cielo is one of the Furr-bulous shop dogs and the inspiration that launched the idea for this business almost a year ago.  Cielo is a backyard breeder survivor and her journey is what motivated her humans to find a way to help save the lives of other dogs like her. Through their brand, they donate a portion of sales to a different rescue organization every month.  And as a way to celebrate the importance of this month, they have chosen to donate 30% of sales to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C., where the gorgeous Cielo was rescued from.


“To protect animals, support families, and advocate for positive change to create a world where all animals can thrive.  We enrich the humanity of our communities by promoting compassion and encouraging people to find joy, comfort and companionship through the love and appreciation of animals.”


The words above represent the mission statement for the Humane Rescue Alliance.  Having formed in 2016, the HRA was established as a merger of two iconic welfare organizations:  the Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue League. Together, these organizations have more than a century of experience in protecting, rescuing and caring for animals in the District of Columbia.  Over the decades, thousands of animals and people have benefitted from their combined programs and services. Their focus today is to build on the success of the two former organizations they were born from by being a single destination for all animal-related needs.

Here are a few of their programs:

These are just a few of the programs the Humane Rescue Alliance offers local residents.  With such a devoted commitment to serve their community and the animals that reside within it, it is easy to see why the HRA is so important to the Furr-bulous family.

Please consider shopping the Furr-bulous brand all month, where 30% of sales will be donated to the HRA.