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The Australia Wildfires & How You Can Help

The Australia Wildfires & How You Can Help

  • Sophia Sanchez
A rescued koala from Kangaroo Island.

Here at the Furr-bulous HQ we are very clearly advocates for dogs in need.  But the truth is, we love all animals; those domesticated and wild. We assume, given the media coverage, that most of the world’s population is very aware of what is currently taking place in Australia; where massive wildfires have been raging across the continent since September of 2019.  One of the worst natural disasters our planet has ever seen, our neighbors in Australia are in a true crisis. These massive wildfires continue to burn across millions of acres. They’ve claimed the life of at least 24 people and an astonishing 500,000,000 estimated animals; a number that is expected to exponentially increase.  Media coverage shows areas of Australia where the streets are lined with the lifeless bodies of the innocent animals who’ve lost their lives trying to escape the blazes. It is as harrowing as it is heartbreaking. Thousands of firefighters continue to battle over 200 blazes across Australia, with the United States sending at least 100 to help local crews.  Our neighbors and allies need us to band together as humanitarians and rescue advocates. So for today’s blog post, we’re keeping it pretty short and straightforward.

                                                            Matthew Abbott from The New York Times

Here’s how we can all help.


How to help the firefighters risking their lives:


Although Australia has received some much needed rain in the last 48 hours, it hasn’t been enough to stifle the fiercely burning fires.  Unfortunately, they’re expected to get worse before they’re contained. The United States is no stranger to wildfires which hit our west coast more often than we’d like.  In comparison, the Australia bushfires are far larger in size. We must find compassion and empathy within us to step forward and help. Remember, no matter how small or large our donations, in numbers, we can absolutely make a difference.  Our hearts are with you, Australia.