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Rooted in Giving Back

Rooted in Giving Back
  • Carolina Romero

Hello!  My name is Carolina and I am the founder and operator of FurRescue Fashions!  If you are new around here, this is my squad and we are so happy to welcome you to our family!  Let me tell you a little bit about us!


I am a lawyer turned dog-boutique owner and while I have always been dog-obsessed, I can tell you with certainty that I never thought making dog PAWjamas and DOGccessories would be my full time job.  I am originally from Colombia, a Fulbright Scholar and came to the United States with my law degree in tow.  Working as a lawyer, everything was going great until it was not and I was suddenly faced with some difficult decisions.  It was a lonely time for me and I knew I needed a big change.  I decided I wanted to adopt a dog and eventually found my way to Cielo.  She opened my eyes to a world of joy and happiness I never thought possible, and yet it was still shrouded by prejudice and injustice.  I always knew bully breeds had a bad reputation, but I did not know the depths to which they struggled to find their welcomed place in society until she came into my life.  I began advocating for her and all dogs that looked similar to her, but my heart was calling for me to do something on a grander scale.  After much contemplation and brainstorming, my company was born and Cielo the face of it.


I founded FurRescue Fashions with the intent to provide cute and customized dog fashions for dogs of all sizes, but with a special emphasis on large breeds who are often labeled as dangerous and are therefore overlooked.  I thought, “what better way to steer the conversation surrounding pit bull-type dogs and all bully breeds than through cute fashion?”  And while the clothing I offer is the foundation of my business, my main directive was to give back to the community who not only brought Cielo into my life, but that was also in desperate need of monetary assistance.  From day one, my mission has been to donate a percentage of my profits to a different 501(c)3 rescue each month and with the help of my amazing friends and customers, I have been able to donate over $20,000 to rescues across the United States since we opened our doors in the Spring of 2019.  And while my loyal customers already know how much giving back means to me, this is not the only way I give back.  I have also rolled out a few additional programs that help me to connect with the rescue community.


Each month, I partner with a new non-profit and together we raise awareness on the important work they are doing and why they rely on their local communities to step forward to help them continue their mission.  Every single purchase for their allotted month helps ensure they can continue that work because 30% of my profits are donated each month.  This month we've partnered with Love Paws!




Once a quarter I open up our swap shop where customers are able to donate their gently used FurRescue Fashions clothing and accessories in exchange for a 30% Off Discount Code good for a future order.  Those gently used items are then donated to shelter dogs throughout our community.



I do my best to eliminate as much material waste as possible and through our No Scraps Left Behind program, my team uses leftover material scraps to create PAWjamas and accessories which are then donated to rescue dogs in my home country of Colombia.



Through our Palliative Paws program, I often donate brand new PAWjamas to medical fosters healing from burns, allergies, mange, cancers and other skin ailments, in addition to donating customized items to rescues and fosters with limb differences.


These are just a few of the programs I have already rolled out and I am always working hard to brainstorm new ways to contribute to my communities.  This business is my passion.  Giving back is my passion.  And I honestly could not do this without your loyalty, friendship and support.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along on this journey with me.  

To learn more about any of these programs and how you can take part in or contribute, please reach out to me at furrescuefashions@gmail.com