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Fundación Animal Love: Our August Rescue Partner

Fundación Animal Love:  Our August Rescue Partner
  • Sophia Sanchez

This beautiful boy is Dante.  He was rescued from bleak beginnings; a stray on the streets of Bogotá, Colombia.  He was in rough shape at the time of his rescue and probably would not have survived much longer on his own.  He would eventually find his way into a loving, forever home within the FurRescue Fashions family, finding refuge with our fearless leader’s sister, her husband and two boys.  He was a love bug in his own right; a dreamboat who loved his family fiercely.  His transformation was one for the books; a true testament to the power of rescuing and adoption.  And it is with immense sadness that the FurRescue Family had to say “farewell, until we meet again,” just a handful of weeks ago.  Dante fell suddenly ill, requiring emergency surgery and lamentably passed away from complications the following night.  His loss has been incredibly difficult and it has been felt deeply by those he loved and who loved him most.  He was still so young and had so much life to live and in many ways it is angering that he was let down so much by this world, having suffered so tragically in his beginning and in his end.  But his journey on this earth was meant to be brief, teaching those around him about love, patience and unwavering loyalty; and his FurRescue Family finds gratitude in those lessons and feel blessed that during his short time here, they were worthy enough to love him and to call him theirs.

Dante, at the time of his rescue.

In celebration of his life, we ask you to join us this month in raising money for the rescue organization that saved him and led him to the loving home he should have had far longer than he did.  When Fundación Animal Love found him on the streets, they did not see a broken dog.  They saw one who was in need of a gentle hand and a kind heart; they were the very foundation in Dante knowing true love.  And while his family will never be able to fully repay the blessing that was this sweet boy, we can all band together to help this deserving rescue continue the incredible work they do to save lives every day.

Fundación Animal Love is a non-profit rescue organization based in Zipaquira, Colombia.  They are dedicated to improving the lives of animals left abused and abandoned, and believe it is their calling to relieve the suffering of innocent lives.  Through their program “Plan Padrinos,” which translates to “Godparents Plan,” they give people the opportunity to sponsor an animal who may not currently be in a position to foster or adopt.  Together, with their team of dedicated sponsors and volunteers, they work to provide medical care, training and unconditional love to the animals in their care until they are ready to make their way into their forever homes.

No dog is undeserving of steadfast devotion and Fundación Animal Love is passionate about proving this to every last one.

Shop with us all month long and give us the opportunity to show Fundación Animal Love how grateful we are for how they changed our lives forever.