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ABR to the Rescue!

ABR to the Rescue!
  • Sophia Sanchez

The gunshots rang out and echoed through the neighborhood.  What followed were the gut wrenching cries of a dog screaming out in pain…


This is Miles story.

He had been shot in two of his legs.  Not with a BB or a pellet gun, but with an actual firearm with the intent to murder him.  But why?  Was he dangerous?  Aggressive?  No, he simply wasn’t wanted anymore.

There is never an excuse for hurting, neglecting or abusing an animal of any kind, but how could anyone look at this face and decide he was better off dead?  They didn’t try to rehome him.  They didn’t attempt to reach out to local rescues or shelters for help.  They just wanted him gone.

Thankfully, the day Miles was shot, a neighbor heard his cries and ran over to help.  They found Miles writhing in pain on the ground, while his owner stood by and watched.  They truly wanted him dead…  but thankfully, they did not succeed.

Miles is now in foster care and has received the life-saving care he needed thanks to Austin Bulldog Rescue (ABR).  Miles’ story is just one of the many challenging cases they take on regularly.  Far too many dogs suffer similar fates to Miles, and far too many of them never get the chance at experiencing the life they deserve.  But ABR has made it their mission to give as many of them that opportunity.  We’ve been following ABR closely for many months now and we’re in awe of them - how they’ve thrown themselves into the trenches of rescue, taking on cases that many others turn away - but truly, it has been Miles’ journey that made us fall in love not only with him but with the crucial work ABR is doing.

ABR is a 501(c)3, English Bulldog Rescue based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted English Bulldogs.  They pull from county run shelters, other rescues and owners who can no longer care for their pets.  They also help transport dogs from all over Central Texas including, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, San Marcos and of course Austin.  In addition to their life-saving work, they are focused on educating their community on responsible ownership and what that looks like, while also advocating for spay & neuter initiatives.  Every potential adopter that comes their way is vetted and they make sure to match their dogs with families that will best be suited for them.  This approach helps ensure that they’ll never be without a loving home again.  ABR is a volunteer and foster-based rescue organization who relies solely on donations from their community and one of things we love most about them is their transparency in how they operate and how donations are used.  They follow a strict code of ethics to make certain they’re always operating in a moral and responsible way.

Quite frankly, we love everything about ABR and with the new year now in full swing we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with them for January to raise critical funds needed for them to continue the work they do.  Saving Miles has cost well over $5000 and that doesn’t account for the ongoing rehabilitation he still needs while in foster care.  But they carry on day in and day out because they have to; because Miles, and dogs like him, deserve better than the lives they’ve been dealt. 

We understand that this time of year can be challenging for many people.  Holiday expenses add up very quickly, but just know that every little bit helps.  Shop with us all month long and help us raise as much money as we can for ABR.  FurRescue Fashions is rooted in giving back and as always, we’ll be donating 30% of our profits in January to help this deserving rescue.  We can’t do it without you!  


Thank you all for your continued support and keep in touch with Austin Bulldog Rescue below!