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Holiday & Winter Collection

 Get your FurRescue Fashion swag ready to spread joy and love during this upcoming holiday season!! For this very special season we have a few exciting collections of our best-selling PAWjamas featuring Holiday & Winter patterns.

You have THREE fabric options to choose from, ONLY during the pre-order:

  1. Furr-bulous Lightweight Sport:  Made with light, flexible and breathable fabric - perfect for all temperatures.  Offers sun protection, wicks away moisture and dries quickly.   Made with 80% polyester and 20% spandex, providing a 4-way stretch fit.  It is the PAWfect performance PAWjama; more durable and is ideal for active dogs who need protection from the sun.

  2. Furr-bulous Classic:  Made with our classic cotton/polyester fabric.  It is soft, lightweight, cozy and perfect for any occasion!

  3. Furr-bulous Fleece:  Perfect for colder days, snuggling and for those pups who are easily cold.

Choose between the (1) Sleeveless PAWjama Hoodies, with solid color trim and matching hoods, (2) Raglan Style PAWjama with mid-length sleeves and turtleneck - the sleeves and neck are uni-color matching the festive pattern color palette, and (3) 4-Legged PAWjamas with turtlenecks and solid colored, matching front sleeves.

Please refer to the sizing chart before ordering or e-mail us with any questions at  You can also DM us on Instagram (@furr_bulous) or through Facebook Messenger (@furrbulous).  We are here and ready to help!

CARE:  Hand or machine wash with cold water.  Air Dry.

CLASSIC Unisex Human Pants - Holiday patterns
Sold out Sale
Merry Pitmas Pink Fleece Human Pants
Sold out
Peppermint - PAWJama with Red Trim/Sleeve
Sold out
Winter Bears - PAWJama with Red Trim/Sleeves
Sold out
Varsity Letter Jacket
Varsity Letter Jacket

FurRescue Fashions

$55.00 $60.00

  • Red
  • Pink
Faux Fur Puffer
Faux Fur Puffer

FurRescue Fashions

$45.00 $52.00

  • Fuchsia
  • Blue
  • Military Green
  • Custom