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Our Team

Our Team



Carolina (or Caro, as her friends call her) is a happy-go-lucky Colombian who came to the United States as a Fulbright scholar in 2005.
She’s an attorney according to her many diplomas, but she believes her true nature is to be a dog lover!
She had a bit of a rough time in 2015, but luckily she and Cielo found each other and Cielo became her true therapy and her inseparable soul mate!
She became a passionate advocate for misunderstood breeds and of dog rescue, and she and her fiancé Justin volunteer at shelters and foster dogs at their home.


Born in New Jersey but living in the Washington DC area for over 20 years, Justin is a hardworking professional who specializes in sales and has a deep passion for outdoor activities and family –which always includes furry friends. Having had big dogs for most of his life, he has a special place in his heart for these loving furry giants. He confesses that he only learned about the wonders of rescuing in his adult years, but now he believes that that is the only choice and together with Caro they give a temporary loving home to dogs in need and work hard to help them find their forever homes. 


Cielo (aka Cielo Maria):  

Cielo means sky or heaven is Spanish, and her mommy Caro named her that because she became her little heaven and also because her coat looks like the sky –part of her is white like a clear sky, and part is gray like the clouds.

Cielo had a rough life in her early years but at the age of 3 she was rescued by the Humane Rescue Alliance, and through them her mommy and her rescued each other. She doesn’t really remember that part of her life because she is now filled with love, belly rubs and treats; and to be honest, she is now kind of a DIVA! She absolutely loves to dress up and wear her flower collars and she will not go out in the rain without her poncho!

She’s very opinionated and stubborn, but she lets Dyno be the Alpha in their daily life. She’s also very patient and sweet with her foster siblings. She loves to eat cheese, sleep, and go on hikes, and she absolutely adores when her daddy gives her tons of kisses. 



Dyno is an active 10-year-old Springer Spaniel who has lived with Justin since he was a puppy. After Justin and Caro met and became a family, he has been their spoiled baby and even sleeps with them as Caro’s best snuggle buddy. Dyno has a huge smile (his lips literally coil up when he’s happy) and loves to be pet more than anything in the world… in fact, he’s a pet me bully! He loves to go on hikes, swim and to fetch non-stop. Dyno might be the sweetest dog you will ever meet, and he loves to get complete and uninterrupted attention from humans. And he’s lucky because Cielo just lets him get away with anything he wants! 

Lily is our #fosterfail and she’s truly the SWEETEST and most humbled pup EVER!! She LOVES to be loved and is the most patient girl! She’s terrified of storms and lightning but loves to go on walks and hikes! When we got her she could barely walk long distances because she was neglected before and had ACL issues. Now she’s the fastest of all and could stay out playing and running all day!⁣⁣



Our Furr-bulous team could not be complete without our pawsome fosters! Not only do they model for us but they teach us so many things about second chances and remind us about the wonders of adoption and how much even a bit of love can change a dog’s personality and life! Most of our fosters are pulled from euthanasia lists, so there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that we have saved their lives - literally! Although we miss them so much when they leave, a piece of them stays with us in our hearts and we feel happy to know that they now have a forever home. 


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