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Our Mission2

Our Mission

Justin and I believe in the miracle of adoption and that it should be the only choice when you decide to own a dog. 
We want to promote adoptions and help more dogs like Cielo find their forever home.

We have sadly seen that many dogs like our Cielo are labelled as dangerous breeds and many places,
cities and even countries legally ban them. 
They also are the most common victims of animal cruelty, abuse and discrimination. We want to help change this. 
We want to educate the public about how loving and misunderstood these wonderful dogs are and show how
empowering and # furr_bulous it is to give these dogs a chance to have a happy life. 

Furr-bulous hopes to redefine these mislabelled breeds as loving pups with our products.
Our mission is simple: change the narrative of these so-called dangerous-breeds by making them look more
approachable and showing their true loving personalities.




We are committed to helping dogs who need a second chance, to spread the word about the wonders of adoption,
and to advocate for those who need it the most.
We personally volunteer at shelters and foster dogs at our home but we want to do more!

With our experience in fostering, we work with rescues, fostering dogs and looking for a home for them.
We believe that there is a ‘Cielo’ for everybody so we take it upon ourselves to bring about the union.

We partner with rescue organizations not only by donating money to their mission but also by promoting dog adoptions through our website.
That is why you will see that some of our cutest models are doggies from different shelters that are looking for their forever home. 

You can find the link to their adoption page on our “Adopt Me” page.
Please consider adopting one or more of these #furr_bulous dogs, giving them the life they deserve!